Affordable Housing Models that Inspire Us

Chorus Apartments

Chorus Apartments in South Surrey

When we conducted our survey in 2016, the most requested housing model was the cluster living model. A successful example of this is Chorus Apartments in South Surrey. Peninsula Estates operates and owns Chorus Apartments. Semiahmoo House Society provides support services for 20 individuals in Chorus Apartments.

Hannelore in Vancouver

Hannelore in Vancouver is a new mixed-use development in Oakridge jointly owned and operated by Oakridge Lutheran Church and Catalyst Community Developments Society, a non-profit developer. The main floor is commercial and includes underground parking. The second floor is the church. Floors three and four are owned by Catalyst. Floors five and six are owned by the church. The last four levels have affordable rental housing. A total of 46 rental homes will be available for rent in early 2020.


Co-housing is a unique form of housing development where people come together to form an intentional community. Examples are Windsong Development in Langley and Quayside Village in North Vancouver.

Quayside Village Cohousing

Hyad Place

HYAD Place is a new housing development for young adults with developmental disabilities in North Vancouver. Read more…

Secondary Suites

Secondary suites work well for individuals who want some independence. In some cases, an adult with a disability rents a suite from a homeowner who provides some support.

L’Arche Greater Vancouver

L’Arche Greater Vancouver creates homes and day programs in which people with and without developmental disabilities live, work and discover faith together.

Residents live together as an intentional community. With over 40 years of experience in fostering inclusion, understanding and belonging, L’Arche is committed to the physical, spiritual and emotional growth of men and women living in their homes and those sharing their lives with each other.