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Who are we?

People who live in Delta

  • Some of us are parents of an adult with an intellectual disability. We wonder where they will live in the future when we can no longer care for them. 
  • Some of us are self advocates. We grew up here. We have family and friends in Delta. We want to live a full life in our home town.
  • Some of us live in Delta as renters. We worry that market rates will force us to leave the community that we love. 
  • Some of us wish we could afford to buy a home here.
  • Some of us are seniors who own large homes. We want to age in place with family and friends nearby.

We want to inspire you!

People who work in Delta

  • Some of us are service providers who work in agencies that serve children with developmental disabilities. We see the growing needs.
  • Some of us are real estate agents. We realize that most of the housing in Delta is still single family residential. We are looking for ideas that will allow young buyers to enter the housing market now, not years from now.
  • Some of us work in the construction industry. We are looking for ways to create a greater variety of housing options suited to people with different income levels. We are in the unique position of being able to design and build affordable living spaces for people in Delta.
  • Some of us are community leaders and politicians. We are interested in shaping policies related to housing and supports.

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Members can join our list for inclusive housing in Delta. This helps us demonstrate the needs in our community. Attend our events and voice your opinion. We can be more effective in our lobbying if you join us.

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Your Opinion Counts. We Need Your participation.

Join us if you live or work in Delta

Aging Caregivers

Service Providers


Young Adults

Join us if you want to shape the future of Delta

Real Estate Agents




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