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Inclusive housing models

The purpose of this content by Delta Housing Be Mine Society is to show some of the many forms that inclusive housing can take in a community.  ‘Inclusive housing’ in this context refers to places where people with intellectual disabilities can safely and sustainably live and can truly be part of the day-to-day life that a community brings.

Inclusive housing should be consistent with the vision of “good lives in welcoming communities”. People with developmental disabilities have a long history of being isolated and segregated, and housing has played a huge role in this. In order to keep moving away from this past, housing models need to facilitate a sense of belonging across all areas of people’s lives. 

The following lists of housing models indicate how the various concepts of inclusion are included into real life (and soon to be built) housing developments in British Columbia. Ultimately, complete inclusion is necessary in designing and creating successful homes for people with intellectual disabilities.

What Do the Lists Mean for Families?

As the lists indicate, there are many different configurations of housing that have been created to provide varying degrees of choice, accessibility, affordability, diversity, and sustainability for adults with intellectual disabilities. Although all of these are not necessarily present in any one city, it provides a cross-section of what can be possible; and gives an opportunity to envision how people with varying abilities can be included in community life, with access to all the amenities and activities they enjoy.

Support Models

There are three types of residential funding Community Living B.C. (CLBC) supports.

  1. Supported Living – includes Outreach Support or Cluster Living Support 
  2. Shared Living – includes Home Sharing or Live In Support 
  3. Staffed Residential Support – A Home that provides 24-hour staff support. 

More details regarding the support options are found on the CLBC website 

Check with a CLBC Facilitator to see if you qualify for residential supports. 


Completed Dec 20th, 2021, Affordable Housing Powell River

Completed November 2021 – Affordable Housing - Aspen Apartments at Sixth Avenue and Main Street, Vancouver, B.C. 

Completed May - June/2021 in Kelowna – Capri Centre area of Kelowna

Completed Early 2020 -Westview Apartments, Saanich B.C.

Completed October 2019 Affordable Housing - 43 Hastings St. New Westminster, B.C.

Completed November 2016 Chorus Apartments in South Surrey, B.C.  Supportive Living (cluster model) 

  • 71 units for people with low to moderate incomes. 
  • 20 units are reserved for residents with developmental disabilities. (Cluster model – on site support person for evening emergencies)

Completed July 2014 HYAD – North Vancouver, B.C. 

Completed March 2008 Home Ownership (Cluster model) – Kelowna, B.C.

  • 4 adults with intellectual disabilities have purchased their own condominium (not on the same floor) 
  • A morning and evening support person lives in a condo in the same building.   
  • The condo for the support person was purchased by Communitas Care Society - 
    Link to video -

CASS HOUSING – Innovative Housing Solutions for people with developmental disabilities in Fort Wayne, Illinois, USA


EVERGREEN LANE RENTAL APARTMENTS - 4603, 4625 and 4649 Evergreen Lane, Ladner, Delta B.C (approximate completion 2024)

LADNER WILLOWS RENTAL APARTMENTS– 5625 Ladner Trunk Road, Ladner, Delta, BC


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