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Networking for Housing Solutions in Delta

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Help us shape Inclusive Housing in Delta –

There are two levels of membership, Family ($35.00) and Individual ($15.00).
*Adults with intellectual disabilities are encouraged to have their own membership.

You will see the option to make a small donation. Please consider adding a financial gift because this helps us cover the cost of  the technology needed for online networking.

Membership benefits

Opportunities and Resources for our Members

  • Participate in a Member Orientation so we can Build a Relationship with You
  • Network with other Members 
  • Express your Vision for Housing in Delta
  • Interact with Invested Supporters
  • Become Inspired by Meeting our Self-Advocates
  • Help Shape an Inclusive Community
  • Attend our Online Events.
  • Obtain a Discount on Educational Workshops
  • Serve on Committees for Housing Design and Community Diversity 
  • Vote at our Annual General Meeting
  • If you are an adult with an intellectual disability, you can document your current and future housing needs by filling in our Housing  Register Application Details. Another opton for members is to request the applicaton be emailed to you. Please email your request to
  • Receive a DHBMS Membership Card

Consider adding a donation to your membership fee

You will notice that our membership sign-up includes the option to add a small donation. This is totally optional. We are unable to provide CRA receipts at this time.

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