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Advocacy and Public Policy for Inclusive Housing Solutions

What is inclusive housing?

Inclusive housing is based on a vision that allows people with disabilities to live a good life in a welcoming community. Inclusive housing allows people with diverse needs to have a choice in where they live. 

Congregated, segregated and institutional settings are not considered inclusive housing because the individuals are not integrated into a neighbourhood. Ideally, inclusive housing looks similar to the type of housing we are familiar with in residential neighbourhoods. Apartment buildings and secondary suites are examples. Inclusive housing needs to be affordable, welcoming, close to community amenities and physically accessible. Individuals need opportunities for employment, volunteerism, recreation and social events.

With support and a welcoming community, many of these people can live in regular neighbourhoods. For eligible individuals, Community Living BC (CLBC) and other agencies provide funding for supports and services. 

The following concepts help to define inclusive housing:

Choice and Control

Choice and control over living space is fundamental to the concept of home and quality of life.


Housing must meet basic requirements that give people access to both their homes and to their community.

Ratio of people with and without disabilities

Inclusion is not defined by a hard ratio and is dependent on the size of the development, the neighbourhood it is located in, and how opportunities for inclusion are built in and created.


Individuals have a wide range of interests, preferences, disability- related support needs and backgrounds.


Housing needs to provide stability and a sense of permanency to individuals and be amenable to supports being provided in a quality and cost-effective manner.

When will inclusive housing be available in Delta?

Long Term Planning

If we start now, a broader spectrum of inclusive housing options will be available in 5 to 10 years.

Who is responsible for creating affordable inclusive housing?

There is no single organization responsible for creating affordable inclusive housing. Collaborative, strategic planning is the key.


All three levels of government, namely federal, provincial and municipal government, are called to provide leadership and funding for inclusive housing.

Local Businesses and Agencies

Developers, non-profit housing providers, service providers and community living agencies are called to collaborate with government in providing a timely response to the housing needs in the community.

Families and Individuals

All of us are called to advocate for a vibrant, inclusive community where people have the opportunity to live close to their family and friends throughout their lifespan.

documents you can download

Documents at the Federal Level

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Senior Cohousing Canada. Innovations in Senior Housing

Documents at the Provincial Level

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Documents at the Municipal Level

Reimagine Housing in Delta, A Conversation for Change. 2019 Reimagine Housing In Delta - A Conversation For Change September 2019.

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Semiahmoo House Society for Chorus Apartments in White Rock. Portable/Private Market Rent Supplements for People with Developmental Disabilities 

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